wednesday 10.21


More of the same.


I went out to wait for the bus and found a box from UPS. Apparently they don't feel the need to knock or ring the bell. Anyway, it is from Basic Grey. It is about an 1" thick of papers from their recent releases. Cool! Of course they want me to place an order but I have no money.

Speaking of which. Yesterday when I was doing my Sales Taxes, I did monthly sales reports. Monthly sales would range from $4000 to $20,000. Now I am lucky to have $200 per month. Really, really sad. Some customers who spent $3000 per year have not ordered all year.


Primer done. I pulled an order (2 in 2 days!!!) then decided to go to the bank. Which gave me an excuse to go to Starbucks instead of drinking plain tea at home.

If I had to drive my kids to school everyday, I would stop at Starbucks and it wouldn't be such a chore. I'm just saying.

It's a good thing they enjoy taking the bus.


One coat of green agate is on. Thank goodness it dries darker. Wet, it reminds me of the avacado green kitchen I grew up in. I am not sure I like it next to the Breton beige. They are the same tone.

UPS' status update sucks at the moment. I got a notice last week that my order was set to ship. Finally yesterday it said departure scan. And today was arrival scan in Jacksonville. No delivery date was ever established. It was delivered this morning.


Starbucks wifi is so goofy. I lost another bit of my blog earlier.

The green is done. It took a while to dry before the second coat so I got the trim done on the closet wall. The trim around the closet is so bad, dirty and Andy cracked some of it.

I may go down to Calico Corners for curtains. If I put curtains in the closet openings either I will have to hem them or have them custom made. I think I'll price them to see. I did look at their fabrics, so many great choices!


Well crud! The paint is not the same color. I had only bought 3 gallons of the Breton beige and it wasn't enough. Then I purchased 2 more gallons only to find out I got a shade darker. So I went back and got one more gallon which was supposed to be Breton beige. Yes I looked at it but when it is wet it does not match the swatch.

Today when I was painting the green, something felt off about the Breton beige. I finally checked it against the swatch. It is different. You can see the difference in Andy's room. I am not going to paint it over but it is disappointing.