tuesday 10.20


I am really feeling like I am drowning in unread/watched media. I just can't seem to catch up in blogs or links or books or ... I am spending too much time on painting and decorating. It's exciting to plan and dream but frustrating not be able to buy and complete. I need to limit my time looking for ideas and products and get back to the rest of my life, boring as it is.

Slowly getting caught up with photo of the day. Someday I might even be able to post at twopeas again.


Lunch in the oven.

Prime and one coat on wall.

Sales taxes done and order pulled. Sales taxes are pathetic. I owed all of $3.43. Seems pointless.


New iMacs have been announced. My computer has been showing its age. And Andy's is need of an upgrade. I would love to get a new iMac for me and give him mine. I think my iMac will last a few more years if it doesn't have to do the heavy process stuff like Photoshop. So... where can I find some money?


Paint done. Birthday card done. Showered. At Starbucks. I wish I didn't have to go to the grocery store. Empty at SB. I usually don't come here on Tuesdays.

Ugh! She forgot the syrup.


Been feeling rather odd. A bit lightheaded. I wasn't sure if I was getting sick or it was the paint. I went to Starbucks to get out of the house. As I was driving to Target for food I thought.. "I feel like I haven't taken my meds in a few days. But I have... Oh crap! I haven't taken them since Saturday! It's not a brain tumor, just a brain fart!"

Bonnie asked how I could forget and I blame the weather. I get up get some iced tea and take my pills. It's been too chilly so I heat water for hot tea. By the time the tea was ready...


Finally starting to feel better.