monday 10.19


Too chilly! And I was either too cold or too hot to sleep. I am not prepared for this.

Andy, on the other, loves an excuse to wear more clothes. He is bundled up and we had to search for gloves. We did finally find a matching pair. He needs slippers too.


Priming is done for Andy's room.

Still deciding how to decorate my dad's room. I love the idea of a red, white & blue room. It was supposed to be the boys' room but I never got around to finishing it. My dad's room started out as a garden theme, then into a nautical theme. Again, it was never completed so I have bits & pieces of it. The largest reason for keeping it one was is the large poster of a painting. But I didn't spend much on it so it's OK to get rid of it and start over. I need someone to execute my ideas. And pay for them.


One coat done. I coat to go and trim. I am really get sick of painting. Really.

Lunch is in the oven.

1:27 Top coat is done. I just need to do the trim but that might happen tomorrow or another day as the top coat should be really dry in case I need to wipe off any overage. I need to go buy some spackle so I can start on Ryan's room tomorrow.

My goddaughter has H1N1. Poor MG!


Andy helped me move his dresser. I needed his help to direct and to put the gliders underneath. He is happy to have his room done... even if it isn't.

I found a quilt at Target that might work for Ryan. It's part of their Woolrich brand. I thought I liked this blue quilt until I got home...

Then I came home to Sturbridge Yankee Workshop catalog. I love their stuff.