friday 10.16


The nice long draft I had typed out was lost. However, it did let me know that my sites were down. All three of them. After an hour on the phone with tech support, I was no further along and had baffled 3 of their people. I had to file a ticket and was just informed that it was due to...There were many, many stale processes that were causing your account to exceed its process limit.

So the sites are back but the post of my (somewhat) dreadful morning is gone. Homemade popcorn had helped some.

OK, I just can let the post go away. Though now that I have typed it out once, I am not feeling quite so frustrated.

The was no school today. Last night, Ryan finally declared that we would go to the Aquarium. I lounged a bit before I started my day. Ryan informs me that he has lost his iPod. I look, he looks. I fix breakfast. Just as mine is done, Andy calls from the bathroom door. I can't hear him because the washer & dryer are running. I think he is asking to go pee pee. I say OK buy he remains half naked at the door (t-shirt but no bottoms.) I go and see (OK smell!) that he has had diarrhea which has run down his leg. I clean him and get him in the shower while I clean up his carpet. After he is OK, I can eat my breakfast. But do I want to?

Ryan still cannot find gis iPod. He is trying not to get upset. I try to get him to visualize where he had it last. All he cam say is that he was playing a game. He continues to look while I shower.

I like to let my hair dry a bit before I use the blow dryer and I sit and played Bejewed 2 while Ryan looks and rests and looks and rests. I ask him what he will do if we can't find his iPod. Will he use the old one? Will he go without? He doesn't like that idea at all. I get up to dry my hair and check by the front door and find it. Ryan swears he didn't go that way all morning.

As I drying my hair, Ryan flies into my bedroom clearly upset. He can't tell me but keeps saying "He thinks we should go to school every day!" he is Andy and I know Andy hasn't said anything like that but finding out what bug crawled into Ryan's behind is fruitless at best.

Ryan does calm down and we leave. But my mind is elsewhere and I turn onto Bruce B Downs instead of making a u-turn. The mumbles and grumbles begin anew. I am somwhere in between going back home (but that would upset Andy too much) and telling Ryan to STFU! I do my best to tell him to keep his complaining to himself and ignore him.

The Aquarium is nice. It is not too crowded yet and we can park nearer to the door. Ryan did not want to bring his umbrella so he and I are forced to share the compact one.

I kept my camera setting on shutter priority, 1/60. Some shots were just too dark but the rest seem to be OK though noisy from the high ISO.

It was still gloomy when we left and I could see the disappointment in Ryan. We went to lunch then home. No Ikea. I am OK with that.

Then we got home and I found my site down which brings up back to do!

I just filled up Andy's bookshelves and Ryan's bookshelves. I filled 3 boxes to sell/donate. A few books are very damaged and will be thrown away. But, There are still LOTS more books to put away. I was hoping to have an empty bookcase in dad's room but I may have to fill it. Maybe I can go through the books some time later when I am not thinking of painting and decorating.