thursday 10.15


(sorry about the delay in posts... site issues then just plain lazy)

Tired. So very tired. Too much caffeine yesterday.

Why are lamps so expensive? At least nice ones for boys. Eight bazillion frilly and girly colors but only a few for boys and nothing yellow.


In line at Starbucks. Trim is done on 3 walls. I will start moving some furniture when I get home from the chiropractor.


So much for waiting to buy a mattress. I complained to Paula about the prices of mattresses. She recommended that I go to Famous Tate and gave me a card. I went and go and education and a good deal.

• box springs are required for the warranty (MF lady said they are just a box)

• box spring help support the mattress and make it last longer

• price for whole set @ FT is $429, price for mattress alone @ MF is $429

• free delivery @ FT until the end of the month otherwise it is $29.95 (delivery from MF is $79.95)

• I did have to purchase the expensive mattress cover for the 90 sleep guarantee, $59.95 @ FT, $79.95 @ MF

So I put a down payment on a pair and will have them delivered on Halloween. Now to transfer some more money.


The new mattress set will be as tall as the footboard on the boys' beds.


All the caffeine from today is no longer working. Tired.

I moved Andy's desk, piano and a bookshelf. I was in the process of moving books when I learned the lesson of 12 year olds and closed doors. I did knock but go no answer so I walked in... Now I need to teach Andy to tell people NOT to come in when he is not dressed. Oops!

Meanwhile, the boys have way too many books. Many books they don't read and don't need. I will start weeding to donate. I did NOT find the missing library books.

Got very lazy and bad and at the remaining 5 brownies for dinner. PMS was happy to be "fed" such treats.