wednesday 10.14

(The magic of Lightroom and skin softening.)

More ideas for decorating. I would really like staff so I can delegate what needs to be done.

I found out that Ryan looked at Andy's missing library book. But he cannot remember where he put it. So frustrating.


Love a busy and productive day especially when I spend most of it out of the house.

Goofed on my hair appointment. I was way too early so I went to lunch but then it was late and I had to rush.

I looked at mattresses for the boys. What?! $1000 for a twin mattress? Crazy! I was hoping for about $250 each. But those are not comfy. At least I can forget the delivery which costs $69! But they do take away the old mattresses. I think I'll keep looking and wait for a bigger sale.

I went to Sears at Slug Mall. What a depressing store. But Kevens seemed much smarter than Jimbo Ignatowski. Paint is on sale this week. D'oh I could have saved over $25 if I had waited but then I wouldn't have 1 1/2 rooms done.

Interesting to see to people at Starbucks. I have to remember not to stare.


Another batch of brownies is in the oven. It's a pretty easy recipe even though you have to melt the chocolate. I did refigure the calories and I was only off by 20 so I don't feel bad for eating 2 yesterday.

Here is the recipe... it's from Martha Stewart's Cookies. Double Chocolate Brownies

A few points:

• I use bittersweet chocolate because I never have semi-sweet on hand.

• The book calls for unsweetened Dutch process cocoa. I can only find sweetened Dutch process cocoa so I am betting the bittersweet cancels out the sweetened cocoa.

• I use a Baker's Edge pan sprayed with pam. I get 16 brownies (OK they are not quite equal in size) and the calorie count is 131 for one brownie.