tuesday 10.13


Instead of just telling he no longer likes biscuits, Andy waits until they have baked and I have put them on a plate, then comes over, pretends to smell them and say "Ugh!" I would have made him some bagels if he had said something earlier so his only option was donuts. Guess I need to buy more of those in the future.


I looked more for those books. I think I will have to look under the couch next. And by that I mean lifting it up and crawling under since there is only about an inch gap. Just enough space for books, cars and trains to get lost. I thought this would be better than the open bottom we had with the futon. But things get lost and forgotten and the boys are rubbish at helping me clear it out. As I am holding up one end of the couch, they are checking out all the found treasure instead of just sweeping it clear.


I went into Andy's room to get ready to paint. First off, I think he slept there. Silly boy. Next, I see white paint scribbles on my freshly painted wall. What?! It's a good thing the boys are at school. I suspect Ryan as he is more curious than Andy. Andy wouldn't want to take the chance of getting any paint on him. I think Ryan used the paint stirrer since he didn't do much damage. Note the evidence above.

The other day when I prepped the room, I could not get out 4 wall anchors. They are the plastic ones which expand when you put a screw in. I tried again today and was succesful. Unfortunately, they left big, gaping holes which require at least 2 applications of spackle. So the painting will be delayed. Perhaps I should be working on some cards I keep putting off.


Primer is done on the last easy wall. I was concerned that I wouldn't have enough to finish this wall. I did and had enough to start on the last wall. I still have to get some more primer but at least I can get another wall done today.

I also did a card for Liz and started one for Steve & Liz. (Waiting for the glue to dry.) (Lazy... took pics with my iPhone, above)

I have an idea for frames in dad's room. I want to get square ones with 5x7 mats so I can put them either way. I did find some at Exposures but they are $40 each. I found another site called Saline Picture Frame. They have a lot more options and much better prices. I trust the Exposures quality but I don't think I can afford them right now.


One word: yellow.

Oh my! I am glad I didn't agree to the whole room this color. Which is funny since I chose yellow for my bedroom in my first home. But it was on the west side of the house and I wanted bright and cheery since I was a morning person. Then, my brother shook his head at the color but I loved it. That was 15 years ago. Makes me feel old.


Ugh. My update I made from Starbucks was lost. Their wifi was not working right. Oh well, it wasn't much. Just posted that I had finished painted and showered and shaved and was back at Starbucks.

When Andy got home, I asked him about the white paint on the khaki wall. He said he did it! Then I asked Ryan when he got home and he said he did it. Ah, I knew he had done it. He said he would just paint it back and looked for the tools which I had put away.

Both boys like the yellow.


I made brownies. Quicker than cookies. Harder to resist.

I asked Andy again about the paint. Again, he claimed he did it. I told him that Ryan claimed responsibility. Andy thought about it. I asked. Andy pointed to Ryan and said "He did it!" As he walked past Ryan he said sternly "You are not supposed to do that. Don't do it again!" he was going to take the rap for his little brother! How cool is that?

This reminds me about something that I have read several times. People with autism and aspergers don't lie. I don't believe this. I asked Andy where he slept last night. He said the bunk beds. You could seem him hesitate. He knew where I told him to sleep but he didn't sleep there. Once he realized I wouldn't yell, he confessed he slept in the other room.

Oh man those brownies are good. I may have miscalculated the calorie count. Anyway, I had 2.