monday 10.12


What does it say about the day, about the week, when you open the dishwasher to open it and realized you forgot to turn it on last night? Probably nothing but this week was freaking me out before it even began. Too.Much.To.Do.

I don't like this feeling. I tend to overthink it all in need of a game plan.


Prime coat done on 2 walls. I will not have enough primer to finish this room. Fudge.

Good news: this room has a south east window so it's much brighter.

Bad news: this room has a south east window and I nearly blinded myself trimming around the window.

I got the bright idea to put some newspaper on the window. But we don't get the paper. I did find a few sheets and taped them up. Much better.

I think my 15 year old cd boom box is dying. I have really only kept it around for the radio since it can run on batteries. But it takes a boat load of them so maybe it's time to get rid of that and get a smaller transistor radio for emergencies.


Top coat on two walls. I am going to end up doing the worst wall last again. With tomorrow's FiOS installation, I don't have time to get anymore paint. I can do the yellow wall tomorrow.

I also forgot to take some salmon out of the freezer for lunch. My lazy part wanted Arby's Beef n Cheddar but it weighs in at 445 calories not to mention curly fries. My smart side chose eggs, cheese & tomatoes. Total count=274 calories.


Two walls done and I am showered. Ahh... feels good. Now off to the bank to make an ATM deposit.

And perhaps Starbucks.


Andy is missing 2 library books. I have no idea where they can be. I have looked.

Got an email from onstar saying that now my antilock breaking system may not work. I had them run a diagnostics while I was driving. Although not critical it should be checked out in the next 7 days. Right. Let me add that to the list. It may be related to the traction control system. And my cruise does not work, especially when I first start the car. Love old cars!


Verizon just called to verify my appointment. And I had them move it 2 weeks later. Whew! I probably could have done it all by why if I can reschedule?