wednesday 9.30


Good grief! The year is 3/4 over! Once again I have failed to get my taxes done in a timely manner. Gone are the days when they would be fine in early February. Of course those days I got a refund so there was incentive.



I have been waking up so achy. Time to flip the mattress. Though in my case rotate is all I can do with that 2 tonne king sized mattress.


I am getting a bit OCD with my calorie counting. I baked cookies today too took the time to enter in all the info to find that one cookie is over 100 calories. Trying to keep myself honest, I guess. It did keep from eating only one after my lunch.


Nice surprise this morning. It was cool, almost chilly. The weather channel said 62 but I don't think it was that cold. I didn't need a sweater.



I am done processing the zoo pics I took on the 19th. There are still to process from mosi. I don't recall being so behind but then I doubt I have taken so many I wanted to process and keep. (It's all done and they are posted here. Now onto bowling and more.)




I was all set to get my paint today but made cookies instead, I decided to plan the trip on Friday. Hmm... I wonder how much the paint is? I know it's on sale for 25% off this week but how much is the regular price? I google. Sherwin-Williams doesn't have prices listed on their site. I google again. And I see some comparisons between Sherwin-Williams Harmony and Benjamin Moore Aura. Both are low VOC paints. I have preferred BM paints but they are more expensive and not local. Harmony does not get good ratings. Oh and see the prices? Harmony is $40 a gallon and Aura is $50 a gallon! Oh my! Now the reviews are from 2 years ago so maybe the formula has changed? I check Consumer Reports (thanks Stephanie!) and confirm that Harmony is still rated low. But what surprises me for recommended semi-gloss is Sears Easy Living. It should surprise me as this is what we had in our house growing up. Want paint? Go to Sears. And... it's cheaper and the reported VOC level is lower than Aura. Guess I will be picking out new colors tomorrow.