starbucks wi-fi

I don't go to church though every Sunday morning I leave the house at 9:30 and return before noon. Dad thinks I go to church. It makes him feel better when I go so I continue this little white lie.

In the past, I used to go Panera and get some tea & a pastry. But this doesn't fit in with eating healthy. I decided to try Starbucks though I don't drink coffee but I knew I could get some tea. It was Christmas time and they were featuring specialty hot cocoas. Yum! Each week I tried a new flavor.

While there, I would journal & catch up on podcasts Then I got my iPod TouchMyself and could use their wi-fi. I didn't want to pay for it I remember Madge saying that the wi-fi is free if you register a gift card and use it once a month. OK, done. The first week I couldn't get on because I didn't have the password. (warning tangent! I started using 1Password which I love. One of the features is that it will generate and save a new password for each site. It then will recall them when you revisit those sites. I used it for my wi-fi password so it's not an easy one for me to remember.) The next week I thought I had it saved but realized you can't access the email if you aren't logged in. The third week, I reverted to a low tech method and wrote it down. Yay! I got in. Now it's week four and I can't find that stupid piece of paper.

Big forehead slap.