Starting over

It's new year and many of us make resolutions. We want to lose weight, save money, drink less, blog more, etc. Yes, these are my goals except for the drinking less which is moot since I don't drink often. And most of us fail in keeping our resolutions, after all, old habits die hard.

Lat fall, I began a personal campaign to cut the cutter, clean the house, eat better & exercise. I was doing pretty well when I found out my siblings would be coming down for dad's birthday. I knew I had to put cut the clutter and clean the house into high gear. I put exercise on the back burner justifying it with that all the moving I was doing while cleaning counted for something.

Then Christmas was here and everything got put to the back burner. Heck, everything got taken off the stove. So now I have get back to decluttering, cleaning, eating better & exercise. And I am having a hard time finding the motivation. I signed up for an online workout program and have done nothing my first week.

Wouldn't it be easy if motivation came in the form of a pill?