it's progress

Yesterday, I took the boys to get haircuts. Their reward for sitting well is going to the bookstore and their favorite bookstore is Barnes & Noble. The new one, just 3 miles away, is 2 stories and the boys love to go up and down the escalators as well as the elevator.

The first few times we went there, I was careful to follow them around and make sure they behaved and knew the rules. Over time, I relax and start to trust them. Last week, instead of following them (very difficult as they went in 2 different directions), I stayed downstairs and sat by the cafe. I had a good view of the escalators and could see them go up and come back down. I occassionally called them over just to keep in contact. Yesterday, I did the same thing and sat by the cafe but they didn't seem to be going up and down as much as last week. I should have taken this as a sign and went to look for them but I did not. Soon there was a page, "Will Mr. or Mrs. Faulk please come to Literature? Andy is waiting for you." I jumped and saw Andy waiting upstairs with 2 employees. He didin't do anything wrong but they were concerned about his wandering. "Did he have a video camera?" Yes, and he set it down somewhere and walked away. "We found it and have at the front counter."


I should mention here that Andy got a video camera for Christmas. He loves to make videos about elevators and escalators like gluse on YouTube. I haven't let Andy upload any videos to YouTube and he hasn't asked. He brought his video camera last week and left it somewhere in the toy store. We searched but couldn't find it. We were about leave when the camera was back in Andy's hand. He never said where he found it. This boy is lucky.