I like routine. I need routine. I crave routine.

My routine was interrupted this week. I forgot to pay the gas bill and the gas was shut off. I couldn't fix the chicken nuggets in the oven and the boys wouldn't eat them cooked in the microwave. The boys couldn't take their baths and they felt icky, stinky & grumpy. I couldn't take my shower before bed so I felt grimey and icky. I couldn't shower in the morning so I felt even more grimey and icky and my head itched. I couldn't fix my oatmeal (I tried in the microwave but made a big mess.) so I fixed a large smoothie but that left me hungry later in the morning. I couldn't cook any salmon or chicken in the oven so I got even more grumpy.

Thursday, the gas was turned back on just before noon. I rewashed the towels left in the washer for 2 days. I took a nice hot shower and began to feel better. The boys got their chicken cooked the way they like it and enjoyed their baths. I got my shower last night and slept better.

Yesterday morning is where it really hit me. I got my routine back. I got to wake up, get some sweet tea (and down some pills), check the internets, take a shower, get breakfast for the boys and get my breakfast of steel cut oats and a small smoothie. Everything felt much better just knowing I could do what I wanted needed to do.

Now if I could just make myself follow a routine of paying my bills on time.