I remember when I first fell in love with Gail. I stopped crying. I used to cry way too easily; being teased, bad day, sad book or movie, hallmark commercials. But then those early days, my tears dried up. I could watch anything sad and never even felt my eyes get wet. I really liked feeling that. OK, I loved being in love.

These days, I am back to getting misty eyed at the weather report. OK, I am not that bad. And I don't cry at hallmark commercials only because I don't watch television. But give me a said book... I just finished reading Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons for the second time and had to wipe my eyes quite during the last third of the book.

And another thing! I don't remember the details of a book. So I can read the book and not have it spoiled though I tend to remember the major plot.