I have suffered headaches practically my whole life. The almost daily ones stopped when I moved down here. I thought it might have been that the weather is more consistent, practically sunny all the time. Though when tropical depressions, storms and hurricanes come around I get a nasty headache.

Lately, I've been getting afternoon headaches, around 4 or 5 pm. I mentioned it to my chiropractor and he said it might be low blood sugar if I haven't eaten in 3-4 hours. Hmm... maybe. Since I have been eating at home, lunch is filling and I don't need a snack. My chiropractor suggested nuts like almonds. I looked at the store the other day but didn't see any snack packs. (Though they were probably in another aisle like with the lunch stuff.) I felt one coming on today and went for some cheese and crackers figuring the cheese was good protein. My headache is still here.

Maybe I am getting headaches from listening to Ryan play mario videos on youtube over and over again? But I still get them when he is at school and it's nice and quiet. And it can't be the podcasts because I don't listen on the weekends but have a headache anyway.

Maybe it's just peri-menopause.