After Gail died, I got into gardening. I planned out the yards and planting some nice beds. I even got a composter. About that time, I was eating healthy ad produced quite a bit of food waste that could be used. I got these cool bags that I would set on the countertop and fill them up through the week.

Of course that didn't last and once I had all the plants I could use, I stopped gardening. Maintenance wasn't nearly as fun and planning and planting. I also stopped eating healthy so the compost just sat.

A few months ago, my neighbor mentioned composting and I told he could have mine. He took me up on the offer and dragged it away with some good compost in the barrel. Around this time, I was buying cut flowers to photograph. I remembered the bags I still had left and told him I would start saving them for his compost. This worked out well as I saw him or his wife most days after school.

During summer, we stopped going out after dinner as it was too hot (and Andy tended not to get dressed unless we went somewhere.) The bags filled up and they sometimes sat too long on the countertop. For the most part, it was OK as the flowers were mostly dry and did not leak through the bag.

Then school resumed and I decided to eat healthy again which meant lost of good stuff for the compost. But it's still too hot and we aren't going out so the bags are filling up quicker and sitting here. I finally put them in the garage but that only made it worse with the warmer temperatures. Yesterday, the bus came and picked up the kids so I decided to grab the bags and take them to the neighbors. But one of the bags leaked. Bad. I almost gagged with the smell.

So what should I do? I looked online for other solutions. I now see that getting the bags I have been using with be difficult at best. There are compost keepers and liners. But do I really want to invest more money? How does this benefit me? It makes me feel good when I can reduce waste and do things for the environment but is it worth it? And will these fruit flies ever go awa