The bus surprised us today by showing up "on time" just as we were getting into the car to leave. Of course Ryan was happy to go to the bus, Andy was a little upset with the change but would do what Ryan did. I hope they were not too late to get to school and that Ryan's day wasn't ruined.

Not I am not sure what do with myself. Getting into the car and getting them to school helped start my day. I thought about taking those compost bags to Paul but when I went to grab one, found it was leaking and smelled horribly! I had waited to long and it was gross! It even leaked through the plastic bag onto the seat of my car but mostly in the garage. I was starting to gag from the smell so I had to get a pitcher of water to splash on the mesh. I also found an unopened air freshener to stick in my car.

But noe it is after 11:00 and I have little to show for it except I set up yet another blog. Crazy, that.

I do have to go to Target to get some biscuits and wipes. Can I hold myself to just those 2 items. Maybe a candy bar? But then maybe I should look for the last birthday present for Ryan? Oh yes, this is turning into an unproductive day.

later that same day...

Dave the Schwan's guy showed up today! It's been years since I saw him. A few weeks ago, I decided to start eating better which means making lunch at home. Two of my favorite things to cook are salmon and chicken breasts, though not together. I looked at the grocery store but couldn't only find a bag of pre-seasoned chicken breasts and no salmon except "fresh" and smoked. So I went to Schwans and found my favorites, Alaskan salmon & unbreaded chicken breasts. There was a bit of confusion as they never contacted me about the delivery date. (I guess it was a good thing I was procrastinating about getting to Target.) But I love that the salmon and chicken are individually packaged. (The last 2 chicken breast I got from the store were fused together and I had to thaw them both then cook the both.) What I don't like is having Dave show up every 2 weeks. I feel bad if I don't order something. I think I might try some shrimp next time.

I did get to Target and I tried to stay on my list of 3 things: Mario Party DS (for Ryan's birthday), wipes & biscuits. But I went through toys and got Ryan 2 more gifts ($12 total!) and then got some clean shower. OK, I didn't go crazy but still the total was $77! And why can't I remember to take my bags into Target? Though it's OK as I use them for trash bags and therefore am saving a few cents.