when will I learn?

I don't know what possessed me to do it. I really didn't even think, I just clicked OK. The all hell broke loose!

OK, all hell did not break loose but my computer went haywire and now I had to boot off of a hard drive that is weeks out of date. And I blame it all on Leopard.

I had been ignoring those software updates. I could never get past 10.5.2 without the whole thing falling apart and me having to erase and install. Too many hours were spent correcting all that crap.

Life was good in Tiger and I should have stayed there. I could happily click OK whenever Software Update said there was something new. No problems! Life was happy and gay.

But then...I listened to one too many arguments for Leopard and thought it was time. That was in May. After 2 weeks of computer woes, I had things up and running and was pretty satisfied with my Leopard experience. Until this morning.

Why oh why did I do it? Maybe it was because it was too early? Maybe my blood sugar was too low? Maybe my old age just leaves me demented sometimes and I do things without thinking? Yep, probably the last one but my age has nothing to do with it. I rushed ahead without thinking. Though I did repair permissions before I let the updates install.

But there was a problem with the OSX update and after that my mac would not boot up. I tried booting from the DVD but that wouldn't work either. I tried archive and install and was told that my DVD is damaged. huh? Then I tried to install Tiger but that wouldn't budge. Finally I realized I have a bootable hard drive. But when was the last time it was updated? Oh but I have Time Machine and that ran before the fiasco started.

But now I am not sure what to do with all of this. I guess I need to bring the EHD stuff over to the hard drive and then restore from Time Machine. In my spare time.

Oh well, I did get all the orders pulled and made 5 more cards. I hope to have them photographed and uploaded soon.