dog handling

I finished rereading Dog Handling by Clare Naylor. It was fun and a bit silly.

Liv is an accountant who is about to get married. She is having second thoughts and wonders if she has done enough exciting things in her life before she settles down. Before she gets the chance to do much about it, her fiance drops her. Luckily, her best friend who is a professional mistress is off to Australia with her keeper.

Liv is encouraged to go to Australia to get over her fiance and to do some exciting things. And she does including meeting again the boy who took her virginity when she was 16. Though he, Ben, is dating a beautiful rich girl, Amelia, he wants Liv.

Of course it can't be that easy and she messes up with Ben but learns that if she treats him like a dog, he will come back. Sure it works, until he learned about the tricks and is pissed. But Liv leaves a heart wrenching apology on a pizza flyer which Ben sees 6 weeks later and all is well.

Yeah, I know it isn't mind expanding but entertaining is OK too.