don't call me martha

I made shrimp salad. I love seafood salad but couldn't find one that I love and that didn't have all kinds of weird chemicals in them. I bought some frozen salad shrimp and looked for some recipes. I realized as I was reading them that it's basically like any meat/fish salad and you add mayo and whatever else floats your boat. I got some celery because I like a bit of a crunch but refuse to add fruit or nuts to my salads. Green onions are good for some crunch too but since onions cause some not so nice things to happen to my digestive system, I only cut up one. I added some dill but only a bit since I am still acquiring a taste for it. I skipped the lemon and lime juices. I don't really care for them on my fish and seafood.

I mixed it all up and it looked good so I made myself a wrap. I realized I added to much mayo and I probably should have drained the shrimp after it thawed. But it was tasty.

That was yesterday and I had another wrap today with the leftovers. But I didn't estimate very well and ended up putting too much on my wrap. I should have stopped when the salad was falling out of the sides as I was rolling it up. But then I didn't think there was enough for 2 sandwiches and I didn't want to be disappointed with a very thin wrap.

So I went ahead and ate it. And I made a mess. And still I could have stopped and scooped out the excess, put it back in a bowl but that seems rather gross even though I would be the only one eating it and the stuff in the middle hadn't been in my mouth. But I kept going until my hand were almost completely covered in mayo and shrimp juice with dill. Lovely.