i should have listened to my gut

Last Thursday while we were waiting for the bus, Andy was playing with his recorder. I thought about him losing it on the bus and showed him how to attach it to his backpack so it wouldn't slip out.

I looked at Ryan and thought about his watch. He can't wear it at school because it's a privilege which he has not earned so he takes it off when he is on the bus to school and put it back on when he is on his way home. I thought Ryan could attach his watch the same way Andy was securing his recorder. But I didn't think Ryan would take kindly to my suggestion and he has been good about kwwping track of it.

The bus comes that afternoon and as Ryan gets off the bus I can see he is upset. I see his arm and know the watch is missing. I ask the bus driver to keep and eye out for it and we go inside.

Before I can even say anything to Ryan, he explodes and screams. I sent him in for a time out to calm down. The problem is that Andy thinks he is in a time out as well.

Ryan calms down and we talk and I ask if he wants to go buy a new watch but of course that won't do. Nothing will help, it's the end of the world to him. I do ask for his backpack and find the watch inside. Then I show him how to attach the watch so he will know where it is. He is not happy with my suggestion and would have told me where to put it if he knew how. But he is much happier. Now I just need to spend time with Andy and calm him down.