school & home

I believe in separation of school and home. And so do the boys. Andy easts foods at school that he won't eat at home and vice versa. Ryan thinks that homework should be done at school. For a few years, that was possible as the work was easy enough and Ryan worked quickly enough to get it done. Last year, he had to start do homework at home. Mostly it was just spelling words that he could get done in 10-15 minutes and that was all the assignments for the week.

Fourth grade is a lot tougher. He has more assignments and they are longer. But getting him to understand that he should do a little each day just falls on deaf ears. I hate having to nag him. And I'm sure seeing Andy not doing any homework even though he is in the fifth grade doesn't help.

This week, he has forgotten his homework at school so he doesn't know what he is supposed to do. Next week, we will make a copy and leave it at home so he doesn't waste any days. At least he has remembered the vocabulary words (not called spelling words anymore) and we are practicing to spell them. Last week, I thought he knew the words and came home with a D on his test. (That is so hard to comprehend from someone who can only remember 2 Cs in all of her academic career.)

I know Ryan is smart but he doesn't care enough. And I hate to be a nag. My parents never asked or helped with homework. The only thing they had to signed were permission slips. I have to initial his planner even night so he can get a stamp. I think they went the other extreme as far as parental involvement. I already went to school and passed. Why do I feel like I am back? And why can't the schools seem to teach the kids what they need to learn?

I am already dreading February when I have to do another science fair project.