08.31.08 habits

They say it takes 16 days to make a habit. Not so with kids with autism. Show them something once that they like, forget about every changing their minds.

For something that is good. But it seems to work more with the "habits" that probably aren't so good. Like taking drinks to bed. I never let them do it as babies or toddlers. And I'm not sure on how it started but I think one of them was sick and wasn't drinking much. I let him have some watered juice when they went to bed. When he was better, I tried to tell him no more juice to bed but that was met with cries, lots of cries and I gave in. Then the other son saw was the first son was getting and demanded it for himself. Now years later...

Ryan recently switched to drinking from a thermos. He only has one so I have to wash it every night. So Ryan no longer takes his drink to bed. Yay! So I am working on getting Andy to relinquish his. The ironic thing is that Andy doesn't even drink the juice. Every morning he brings a full cup into the kitchen.

Sometimes Andy misplaces his cup and can't find it. I won't look for it especially close to bed time. Last night, he said he couldn't play his DS (because he didn't have his cup.) I told him he could but he was adamant. Tonight was the same thing and of course he gets upset. I am not sure why he feels the need to punish himself like that. But at the last minute, he found his cup and happily grabbed his DS.

I think I will try watering down his nighttime juice. Then I can work on him keeping his clothes on while at home.