08.28.08 the wheels on the bus go oh so slow

We actually saw the bus this morning. Of course, it was zooming past out street as it was late once again. I don't know what her problem is, she just can't seem to get to our house on time or even 20 minutes late as that is when we leave. And the worse part is that she doesn't seem bothered by it.

At least the boys don't mind the car. Though I wish there was someone to meet Andy at the car loop. After he gets out, I crawl along waiting to make sure he gets in his classroom. I usually have to yell at one of the staff to make sure he gets in. I don't get it, they know who he is, will say "Hi Andy!" but don't know enough to make sure he gets in his class? I guess I am fortunate that his door is by the car loop so I can watch.

I have emailed the school and transportation about the problem. We will see how long it take to get it fixed. At least the boys are getting home just 5 minutes later than their drop-off time. But that it still 20 minutes later than last year. For 3 years they got home at 4pm. Andy can't understand why it is different this year. Neither can I.