08.20.08 growing up, sort of

Ryan is growing up. You can tell by how he handled the bus being 40 minutes late on Monday & today. He held it together on the bus but once we got inside, he broke down. On Monday, it took us about 20 minutes to calm down, today was only a few minutes and he was fine. I hope this progress continues. I also hope the bus driver can get her act together and not be so dang late!

But then Ryan can be really silly. Especially when I want to take his photo. We played hide and seek today. Basically, he kept trying to hide and I kept snapping away hoping to catch a good photo.

It made the wait for the bus go by faster but after 20 minutes, Ryan wanted me to drive him to school. Andy would prefer to wait for the bus but since he whining is not as loud as Ryan's, he lost out and I drove them.