08.13.08 met his teacher & a horse named andy

Today was meet the teacher day. Both boys have new teachers. Ryan likes having new teachers. I wonder if he thinks that means he is growing up. This year, he has his first male teacher, Mr Moss. He seemed nice enough if a bit young. (I feel so old!) His room was neat and spare of frills. Ryan got to pick out his desk and even brought his school supplies. He loved being first that way. I didn't notice until we were ready to leave that he had left his hat at home and took off his watch because those are "privileges" and he hasn't earned them back. He is too cute. He did let me take his picture with his new teacher and another with Ms Kato the inclusion specialist. Unfortunately, the pictures look like crap. (I hate flash.)

The pods all got new names this year as well. In the past, they were all birds now they are all sea life. Ryan is in with the sharks. Andy is in with the sea turtles. Andy has only had a few teachers in the 7 years he has been going to school. The last one, he had for 3 years in a row. She was nice enough but a scatter-brain and not aggressive for laid back Andy. Now Andy has Ms Krause. How do you describe your son to a stranger? I was at a loss.

It was after 8 pm and there was a loud knocking at the door. It was almost dusk and I almost didn't answer it. It was the sheriff. Crap! What did we do? (Yes, I always feel guilty that my son did something odd and/or wrong.) But it wasn't up. The neighbor's cars were broken into and did we hear or see anything? No, but is that a horse? Yes. Do you know how hard it is to my job with that around? Huh? Oh it was just a coincidence that the sheriff's office came by with 2 horses while this guy came about the cars.

I took Andy out in his robe. (Oh please let him keep it closed!) and we checked out the horses. Sampson was big dappled grey, 17 1/2 hands! Andy was a prettier roan and 11 years old just like my Andy. Andy thought the horses were from the zoo. Nope, they were handing out cards with Sheriff Bob White's photo. It is an election year.

No, pics. The light was not good and they weren't sticking around long. Then Ryan came out to make sure I wasn't late for his bedtime. sigh