07.06.08 wicked!

It was through Madge that I heard some of the sounds from the soundtrack to Wicked! I really liked "popular" and "loathing" so I got the soundtrack for myself. I made a cd and put it in my car, it was playing one day when we went to the pool. It's been the soundtrack to our summer. One of the problems with iTunes, is that "purchased music" doesn't always download in album order. And I didn't pay attention when I burned the CD. On a regular, this would be a problem but with a soundtrack, especially for a play we haven't seen, the order is jumbled and makes no sense.

I ordered the book so I could figure out the story but soon realized that the play doesn't not quite follow the book. OK, it really doesn't follow it all. I finally had to google for a synopsis so I could figure out the play as compared to the novel. I was surprised and a bit disappointed to find that Elphaba does not die in the play. But I had only read about 2/3 of the book at that point and figured she still had time to turn Wicked! She never did become evil, a bit manic and mad but I would be hard pressed to stay sober and rational if I knew a little girl with magic shoes had been sent to kill me.

I wish the book would have cleared up a few other things like who is/was Yackle. But perhaps Son of a Witch will had the answer.