07.04.08 wii

Last year we were in the mall and we stopped into GameStop. We were looking for a replacement Sonic Heroes for the GameCube. They didn't have one. Since the Wii came out, they are making fewer games for the GameCube. Ryan wanted Super Paper Mario but it was only for the Wii. The salesperson said he had one in stock. Huh? Umm... well, I was going to wait but then... OK, let's buy it!

I had intended it to be for Christmas but maybe it would be a good incentive for Ryan to poop on the potty. It didn't work. I kept hoping as he kept trying. Now, almost a year later, I know his "accidents" truly are accidents and he has little control over his bowels. So I decided to get the Wii out, Christmas in July.

We set it up yesterday. Ryan started with Super Paper Mario. He has read the guide for months and thought he knew how to get through the whole game. But it's not as easy as reading. He played for over an hour and I made him let Andy have a turn. Ryan didn't want Andy to play SPM, so we got MaterNational. Since then, we haven't changed the game.

They even let me play a few times. I just got done playing for about an hour. Oh my hands are sore and the right one was numb from holding the game controller too tightly. It is harder than it looks but then again, I think the boys enjoys crashing into saguaros and other cars. As I type, Ryan is chasing Filmore and running into him. Do they still have demolition derbies.