07.02.08 punctuality

Since Ryan got a watch, he has been a bit of a tyrant when it comes to time. In second grade, they had to take the scheduled times down since Ryan would get upset if they varied from those times. He was better knowing that b followed a but not always at time x.

Last year in third grade, Ryan got upset about a 30 second delay and pushed his teacher into the window and bruised her. His teacher is small and not much bigger than him. His temper comes from both me and his father. His impulse to lash out comes from his father. He lost quite a few privileges that day. One of them was his watch. He was told that he was no longer allowed to wear during school hours. (I wasn't told of all the lost privileges but learned of them over time.) Ryan wore his watch on the bus then tucked it away in his back pack before he got to school. Then he put it back on as the bus pulled away. (I think the inclusion specialist thought he left he left at home and never checked his backpack.)

Anytime the bus was late, we faced possible meltdowns. Ryan would want to be driven to school, Andy would want to wait for the bus. If we waited for the late bus, Ryan would get upset and then Andy would get upset because of Ryan. I had to decide whose whining I could tolerate more. Poor Andy usually lost.

Bath time is at 8:00. Not early or late or we face possible tantrums. Bedtime is at 8:30 but can be a minute or two early. Ryan likes to be out of bed before sunrise and that means about 5:00 am these past few weeks. I can't use an alarm clock to wake him either.

Today we went to get haircuts. Most people know that stylists are typically late. At least mine have always been. It used to really annoy me especially when I made the effort to be there on time or usually early. Since having kids, I am much more flexible when it comes to time. And at the past few appointments, Ryan has been OK with the delay. Today he was not and the breakdown started. He was upset and Andy started getting upset, "Can Ryan stop?" which caused Ryan to scream. Oh joy. Ryan wanted to go home but I wouldn't allow it. I talked quietly but firmly and he did calm down some. At least he was good for Dana and showed no signs of his mood with her.

I will be sure to tell them a later time when we go back next month.