07.27.08 encopresis

Does Ryan have encopresis?

I don't know, I think so. I googled and found lots of info. But one thing that struck me is that most kids have no control over the accidents. I think Ryan does. He is so good not to have accidents while at school or when we are away from home. But here, it's like he just lets go. Sometimes the accidents occur every hour! Sometimes we are lucky to go 2+ hours. He doesn't do it at night and doesn't have urinary accidents.

But looking at his diet screams constipation. His main source of calories is chocolate milk. He eats no fruits nor vegetables and will only drink juice boxes at school. But WebMD did say there might not be a correlation between diet and constipation. And I do know that when we took him off of milk when he was younger, his stools were very soft and unformed. They became "normal" when he went back to milk.

And I worry about him pooping in his pants so much. And sometimes he tells me things feel weird but he can't explain. He hates the idea of going to the doctor. I don't blame him. I can't imagine trying to give him laxatives daily or god forbid an enema!

I wrote the first part of this a month ago. Since then, I have found Miralax in the store and started giving some to Ryan everyday. I think it has helped to clean out all the old stuff in his gut. He knows I put it in his milk but doesn't mind so much. I still do it when he isn't watching.

Now we have to go through the period when Ryan's colon shrinks back down and he gets the sensations back. Only 3 weeks left until school starts, it would be nice to have it controlled by then but I am not expecting it. I think Ryan learned to hold his bowels years ago and it's going to take a while to reverse it all.

But I am much more relaxed about the whole ordeal. I know it's not his stubborn nature that is causing problems.