07.21.08 wii & other things

After a week hiatus from the wii, the boys are back playing it. Ryan got mad at Andy for playing on my profile in MaterNational. Ryan was worried that Andy would catch up to his level. Not a chance but Ryan didn't see it that way. Ryan got upset, Andy got upset, I got upset. I told Ryan he had to apologize to Andy or not play the next day. He would rather not play. He then said he wouldn't play for 3 weeks. (Why he adds on to what I say to make it even worse is beyond me.)

But Ryan only lasted for a week. Funny, Andy never asked to play. He doesn't ask to play. He waits for Ryan to play and use up his allotted time then takes his turn. But if Ryan gets upset, Andy will forfeit his turn.

Meanwhile, the wii chips continue to stack up. The boys get one for brushing their teeth, helping out around the house etc. Each chip is worth 15 minutes of wii play. I was hoping that they would want to earn even more time and I had other incentives like Ryan working on his cursive handwriting and Andy keeping his clothes on in the house. (He is not completely naked but he is getting too bug to walk around in his boxer briefs.) But they don't seem to care. Ryan will only use 4 chip each day at the most. Andy doesn't use his chips at all. Probably because Ryan feels the wii should be turned off at 6 pm. And he doesn't start playing until after 4 pm. By the time Andy gets his turn, he is lucky to finish his hour before Ryan feels the need to turn it off. I have told Andy he can continue to play but he won't. Poor kid, I wish he would learn to stand up to that tyrant.

Ryan did venture to try another game this week, actually two! Super Mario Galaxy and EA Playground. He has the guide to SMG and will pause the game to consult the book. He gets so easily frustrated and claims he will never play again because he can't win. I have learned to sympathy a little but mostly ignore him. After a few minutes of whining, he is back trying again.