What was I thinking? Did I really think I could change the routine without repercussions? Trying to save some money, I asked Ryan if we could come back after swimming and eat lunch here. He said yes and I thought we would be OK. After all, Ryan is more resistant to change than Andy. Usually.

Swimming went fine. Ryan stayed in the water longer today. Andy got out soon after him. In the past, Andy would swim as long as I let him.

Next we stopped at the bank. Still OK. Then going to Publix, Andy starts mumbling something in a whiney tone. He wants to eat lunch in the car which means going to Chic-Fil-A. I said OK because I hadn't asked him before we left and he wasn't ready for the change. So he seemed fine inside Publix. Until we got close to checking out. We went by the magazines so Ryan could get a NASCAR guide. I asked Andy what he wanted and he started talking about the Schindler Elevator. Huh? Oh right, this Publix is 2 story in the administrative offices and there is an elevator tucked away in the corner. I know Andy wants to go but it's for employees only. I tell him and he breaks down. I think about asking for a manager who would probably let Andy ride it once. But I don't want him to think he can always get his way. He is crying and getting more upset which makes Ryan get upset too. I am trying to stay calm, I know I can't drag him out of there, he is just too big. And I want to know that he can calm down when he needs to. This is cognitive dissonance, I just learned the term recently.

So I suggested that we go to International Plaza. It's the only mall around that has plenty of elevators and escalators. Unfortunately, it's not so close. Andy wants to go now, today. But Ryan doesn't want to go at all. We settle with going next week. Andy is still sad and crying.