Getting back to what matters.

I jump around from hobby to hobby; from interest to interest. When we were going through with diagnosing and getting treatment for the boys, I read a lot about autism and related disorders. I am not sure if my interest waned or that I just burned out on reading nothing but autism. Anyway, I am trying to get back into what is going on with current thoughts about autism. I read some blogs on regular basis. Some are by parents with children who have autism, some are from people who autism.

Today, I read a post from a woman who has autism. She has difficulty with speech but is very good with the written word. She reminds us "normal" people to be patient when asking questions of autistics as they need extra time to process the information. Repeating the question, asking more questions before you get an answer only adds to the problem. First of all, make sure you have the person's attention before you ask a question.

In other things that matter. I have been very bad about getting birthday cards out. Today is Charlie's 53rd birthday Happy Birthday Charlie!

I really need to make some cards.