06.07.08 (72 days left)

How do I teach my kids to take care of their stuff? Andy just broke the third pair of headphone for his iPod. I won't give him mine, I can't trust him. He cried, of course. And I hate to see him upset. So I got my JBL On Stage from the bathroom. I had been thinking about getting something like this but couldn't find what I wanted for the money I wanted to spend. The problem is that I had to take the iSkin cover off to put it in the dock. But if he has no headphones, he shouldn't be moving it around, right? We'll see.

On a good note, the boys got haircuts yesterday. Ryan continues to do well and I don't even need to be in the room. Andy sat pretty still this time and I only had to hold his head when Dana was doing around his ears. Andy's hair grows so fast. I had to make another appointment for 4 weeks from now.