06.05.08 (74 days until school starts)

Anytime smores: Keebler Fudge Grahams topped with marshmallow fluff.

First day of summer break, I have a headache. Ryan is really testing my patience which is already thin due to all the crap happening right now. I yell, he cries, Andy cowers, I feel guilty.

We went swimming. I forgot about the aerobic exercisers on Thursdays. They had the parking lot filled. Well, the one part. There are poles separately the parking lot into 2 areas. Probably to keep teens from cutting through. Silly, it's right at the intersection. Or maybe those who cannot wait for a green light. Anyway, I get to leave the lot, turn right since I cannot turn left, go a block, make a u-turn, go to the light, turn left, then left again to get into the other section of the lot. Pain in my ass!

The pool was crowded even without the exercisers. We went to the other end, the boys are big enough to swim over there. I took my camera and got some shots. I didn't try to hard and realized when I got home that it is better to be on the other side of the pool because of the sun. Oh well.

Then lunch then Toys R Us. Ryan wanted a monopoly game. He was playing with Grosse Pointe-opoly but wasn't excited about it. I don't blame him. He ended up with a Disney Pixar version.

Still getting used to the oven. No need to press start but you have to shut off the timer or it will beep 3 times every 90 seconds. I had asked the installer about the new smell, if there was one. I remember our old stove smelled really bad the first time and I think the smoke detector went off. He said there wouldn't be one. He was wrong. It wasn't as strong but definitely a chemical smell. I think that made the boys not want the chicken. Even tonight, the smell is still apparent, Andy coughed a bit when he came into the kitchen. He had to be convinced the chicken was OK.

We didn't go out to play after dinner. Even at 8 pm, it was still 90. Come on rain!