06.30.08 growing up

We went to Target today and I realized that I haven't "lost" either boy this summer. (Of course, now that I have typed this, it will happen next time we go.)

We had been in Florida only a few months when I had to ask for helping finding Andy. They found him quickly and were really nice. After that, I kept the boys in the cart as much as possible. Then they got bigger and no longer fit. But it wasn't really a problem as I did my shopping when they were in school. I didn't have that option during summer break.

Grovery shopping at Publix was usually OK. But then we had to go to Target as well. Sometimes Andy stayed with me but more often than not, he would wander away. I would continue my shopping and he would show up at the check out area. (I kept an eye for him and prayed that his guardian angels were there for him.) Occasionally, Ryan and I would have to wait after I had paid and Andy would eventually walk by. At least once a year, during the summer, I would have to ask for help finding Andy.

It's called a Code Yellow. And then the exits are monitored and all available staff go looking for him. I am always embarrassed having to ask but I have to put this aside and think of his safety. I never had to wait for long before he was found and returned to me.

It was either last year or the year before when Ryan wandered off. He was found ready to check out with a basket full of items. Not stuff he wanted but stuff he could reach. He didn't have any money and didn't even think about paying but he knew he had to put the stuff on the belt.

We would go over the rules before we entered the store and he knew them. But it wouldn't stop Andy's wandering. He would like sit in the cart but then I would have no room from groceries so that didn't work. I tried holding his hand the entire time and pulling the cart with the other, but eventually he would get upset and want to be let go. I couldn't think of a solution.

But maybe it was matter of time and maturity. To be honest, Andy does still wander off. But he is within earshot and comes back when called.

Am I tempting fate by posting this?