I should own stock in Playtex. And I don't mean bras or any feminine type product.

It's the darn sippy and straw cups that I can't seem to get rid of.

Andy had a bottle until he was 2. I should have weaned him earlier but I am a wimp that way. He made the switch at 2 pretty easily. It was done in a few days. I was determined never to have Ryan use a bottle. That worked OK especially since he nursed until he was 20 months.

The sippy cup has been an evil curse. I thought it was great since the boys could drink without spilling. Little did I know. Those cup do spills, drops. But drops that still stain builder's beige carpeting. And those cups get lost and moldy. I don't even want to think how many of those I have purchased over the years. And then when I found blue ones and red ones I was overjoyed so I could assign a color to each boy and they would drink each other's drinks and I would know whose cup was missing. But then, those colors were around for only a limited time. And the school wanted us to get the boys off the sippy cup and using straws and juice boxes. (But wasn't I doing better for our ecology but not using juice boxes?)

So we switched to the straw cups. Cool. Now my kids looked more grown up. But those straws are so fun to chew. And soon I was buying cups to replace the damn straws! Dad found a site where I could get just the straws. But the boys continued to chew. I stopped replacing the straws. And I've stopped buying new cups. Each boy now has 3 cups and when they are gone, they are gone. When Andy misplaces his, he will use a regular cup and a straw. He even thinks it's fun. Ryan will go without and whine. (And Ryan is more high functioning.)

Summer time is difficult when we go out. We can't let the cups sit in the car with the heat, especially with Ryan's milk. So we take a cooler. But that's a pain. So I looked into getting thermos type cups. Ryan was hesitant but he allowed me to order a Scooby Do one for him. But then it got here and he didn't want to use it until he misplaced one if his cups. He didn't want to use another cup so he used the thermos. And now he prefers it to his cups. They really keep it colder.

I got one for Andy too. He didn't use his until yesterday. And he bit the straw off right away. They did come with replacement straws but I will not replace it, yet. He still prefers his straw cup from Playtex.