Stubborn Personified:

I should have seen it coming.

Today is Thursday. Thursday is swim day. The pool opens at 10:00. Sometimes, they are late opening the pool. Ryan didn't like that so last year, we went to the pool at 10:30. I assumed they would want the same time. I didn't pay attention to how early Ryan was getting ready. I was doing something on my computer and he was ready to walk out of the door. It wasn't quite 10. I told him I wasn't ready and he got a bit upset but seemed to let it go quickly.

We were in the car at 10:10 and driving down the street when I realized I had forgotten to take my claritin. I have a cold and it helps. So I drove around the block to home. Ryan was upset, "I quit." He wanted to go home and stay home. I grumbled or maybe yelled and he was quiet.

As we got close to the clubhouse I said, "Oh, it's Thursday. I bet the parking lot is full." They have a water aerobics class meet on Thursday mornings. Last week we got there only to have to turn around and go in the other entrance. Again, grumbles from the way back. "Ryan, if you can't deal with small problems, your life is going to be miserable. This is a small problem, not worth getting upset about." As it turns out, there were parking spots.

We got out and were walking to the clubhouse when Ryan stopped and said he had the wrong shoes on. He wanted the yellow ones instead of the orange ones. Now I know this sounds silly and trite but it's how he felt. He wanted to go home and stay home. But that wasn't fair to Andy who loves to swim. I gave him two choices, we could go home and change his shoes before swimming or after swimming but we were going to let Andy swim. He decided to go swimming now. Only he decided he wasn't going to swim.

Ryan pouted and sobbed and whined for a while then seemed better. Andy enjoyed his swim without his brother hanging on him or jumping on him.

We left to go home but Ryan decided he didn't want to change his shoes anymore. But he also didn't want lunch. So we skipped Wendy's and went to Chick-Fil-A then to the grocery store. Ryan didn't eat anything even when we got home. He also didn't change his shoes to the yellow ones.