What a day!

Today was wacky tie day. Ryan did not want one. Andy was happy to wear one of Gail's. I picked out the Cat in the Hat then struggled to tie it. I haven't worn a tie since the early 80s and they were much thinner then.

The boys' IEP meetings were scheduled for today. It's always depressing to listen to how Andy is smart but lazy. He would just rather play. I don't blame him but what they hell am I supposed to do with him? I hate to "write him off" when I know he can do better. It also doesn't help that his teacher is a flake. She is leaving next year which is good but who knows who the replacement will be.

Then I get to listen to how wonderful Ryan is and how his teachers think he is a joy. And his is so smart! Great. But can you teach him to poop on the potty? (A skill that Andy has pretty much mastered. Between the two of them, I have one amazing kid!)

I didn't even get a chance to digest all the information but had to rush to Sears and buy a range. Oy the delivery and installation is expensive! But I can't hook it up myself so I pay.

On a good note, I got my reusable bags today and used them at the grocery store. Wow! Twice as much stuff fits in one bag and they are so much easier to carry. I got no rebates for using them but the store was happy to fill them for me.

Had drinks with neighbors. J thought I paid too much for installation. What choice did I have? No time to shop around or try to bluff. It took 40 minutes for the oven to light tonight. It's ridiculous and I had no options.