I hate spending money when it's not my plan to spend money. Sure, I know I have to spend money on food, housing and utilities. But what I really mind is having to buy a new range because mine is dying. Iit's over 8 years old and that is the expected life span according to consumer reports. But I don't remember my parents having to do this. They did get a new stove at one time more because mom wanted one. My brother took the old one which was still working.

I had plans to shop for a range today after my chiropractor appointment. I was ready and in the car and the car when click click click click click click click click.


I called AAA then cancelled my appointment. The stewed about the whole thing. I thought it might be the starter since there was still juice but it wasn't getting enough. I called Bonnie to ask about a used starter from the yard. Then she called E and he said he could send it. E also said that it might not be the starter that the clicks could mean the battery, the starter or the alternator and how we should check for them. Bonnie was planning on sending the starter but then I asked how I was going to install it. (I know how to put gas in the tank, pump up the tires and refill the washer fluid. I could probably check the oil and add to it if necessary.) I remembered my neighbor is good with cars. I checked to see if M was home and ask if he could install a starter. Then M came to check the car.

M got his power pack and tried to start the car. It sounded better but was still not starting. At this point, AAA called and said they would be 30-45 minutes. (Funny, that what AAA said when I called them 55 minutes ago.) M still wasn't sure about changing the starter since he couldn't see enough under the car. He went and got his hydraulic jack (see, I told you he was into cars) and lifted up the car a bit. He found the starter and thought he could but then wasn't sure because of some blind screws. So he called his mechanic which was good to find out since I haven't really needed one and I just go to the dealer. (Yes, I know they are more expensive but for the most part, can be trusted. You just never know with these places that look like they might tip over in the next hurricane.) Then M called to see if the dealer had the part and how much: yes and just under $375. Damn! Bonnie's plan of sending the starter sounded better even though I would have to wait a couple of extra days. And M confirmed that the mechanic would installed a used part.

At this point, AAA finally showed up. He tried with his power pack (much more power than M's) and it started right up. Yay! So it is the battery. OK where is the best place to get one? AAA can sell you one. Uh yeah, for a premium. M suggested Walmart or Advance Auto Parts. I asked if he could install it. (See, mini vans have limited space under the hood so the battery is actually under the fuse box.) M looked and looked and decided he couldn't, or that he really didn't want to. That was fine. I would rather pay the cost than have him get upset trying to do this. I called Pasco Motors and they said it would be quick, less than 30 minutes.

Well, it wasn't quite that quick but it's done. And it was only $135. And then I had no time for groceries nor looking at ranges. Hopefully the range will start again tonight and I can eat some tuna for lunch tomorrow.

Now I wonder where all this extra cash is supposed to come from?