our trip to the dentist

Every year, it gets little tougher to deal with the kids at the dentist. They seem exciting to go until the get into the chair and it's time to open their mouth. They can be quite stubborn. I can no longer hold them still as the hygienist and the dentist so their thing. I need their cooperation. This is where incentives come in, otherwise known as bribes.

For Ryan, a trip to the bookstore is what need to be dangled in from of him to get him to open his mouth. It's still a struggle and he has to be reminded many times throughout the visit. Ryan also has a gag reflex that is way too sensitive. We used to go to lunch before the dentist until he puked up french fries. Being the embarrassed mother, I caught them in my hand so they wouldn't hit the carpet. We wait until the visit is over for food.

Ryan has a cross bite, his top front teeth are behind his bottom ones. I know he will probably need some sort of orthodontia but I worry about him accepting it. Will it be necessary for the health of his mouth or is it just cosmetic? He doesn't seem bothered by it. At least he has stopped grinding his teeth and making them squeak.

Ryan has 2 small cavities in his baby molars. They are just watching them and he has to go back in 3 months for another application of fluoride on the areas. Oh joy.

Afterwards, we went to Wendy's then to Barnes & Noble. I don't know why my kids prefer this store. Border's has better coupons. He has been waiting for months for the next volume of Peanuts. It wasn't out yet, it won't be available until April 30. So Ryan got the game Rush Hour instead.

Then we had to pick Andy up at school. He gets upset if Ryan is not on the bus.