trying something new

A lot of time, I thinks of things to blog about while in the shower or folding the laundry or driving. I try to remember to blog these things but am lucky just remember to write down the topic. But then days or weeks or even months go before I get to blogging that topic. You see, I think blogging should be done in a comfy chair with my laptop. And recently, Ryan has taken over my laptop to research more baseball facts and trivia. Yes, Ryan does have his own computer but it's all the way in the playroom, about 30 steps away. And I mean foot steps, not stairs. And Ryan's computer is on a nice desk and he has a comfy stool to sit on but he would rather kneel on the floor and use my slower laptop on the coffee table.

Finding the time to blog in my comfy chair is a bit difficult. I should do it at night when Ryan has gone to bed like I am doing right now. But usually my brain is fried and I can barely keep my eyes open. I am a morning person. Mostly.

I had this idea to blog on Sundays when I am out of the house pretending to go to church. My dad thinks I go, I hate to spoil the illusion. But then I would need my laptop and well, Ryan is usually using it. And if he isn't when I leave, he will most likely want it while I am gone and it being gone will cause major problems. I could use my iPod Touch but I don't have one. I had planned to get one with my stimulus check but then I realized that being on social security, I get half the amount as the regular tax-paying folks get. Oh well, Andy is enjoying his new bike.

But hey, I could write it out long hand. Huh? Yep, you read that correctly, I could write it out on paper with pencil using cursive printing and using no abbreviations or spell check. I tried it today and it kind of worked. I have a 5x7 sheet of paper filled, front and back about hair. My hair. And maybe tomorrow I will take that sheet and type it up in the computer. Maybe. I will try.