busy busy busy

I was going to be organized this holiday. I was going to get everything done in a calm, timely manner. I made the planner, I filled it in (mostly) and followed it for about 2 weeks.

Then I realized I had to clean up the house before my dad came. OK, I'll just push things off for a couple of weeks, no biggy.

Then my brothers suggest to come down for dad's 80th birthday and I have even more cleaning to do! Things that I knew I could do in the coming months had to be done pronto.

And in the midst of all this I decided to make cookies and give them to the neighbors. The problem is that I haven't baked cookies in years. Not baking is not the problem, having homemade cookies in my house is. I can't stop eating them! My weight loss has stopped and is threatening to reverse. I must get these cookies out of my house!

But not before I make some more. I'll need the sugar to help me get all the presents wrapped by Friday.