• The brownies were/are so good! But so rich and heavy. After eating one, your belly feels like lead. That lasts a couple of hours until you crave another. I have eaten too many and I feel less that good because of it.

• I made White Bean Chicken Chili today. It wasn't what I was expecting though it was good. I should have searched for the chili from Ruby Tuesday which is more what I was looking for. I have more recipes to try but since they make such a big batch, I will have to eat up what I have first. Though I did freeze some.

• I finally made some Christmas cards. I had plans to make one each day of November. Twenty three days gone, 5 cards made.

• I am trying to make the boys pick up each evening. Ryan is doing pretty well but he fell asleep tonight before I could remind. Andy whined a bit but that was because he couldn't find Harold the Helicopter. Once Harold was located, the whines were gone.