And I made them.

I love chocolate brownies. I love making them, they are pretty darn easy using a mix. Only twice did I mess them up; once when I was making 3 batches and forgot the eggs in one batch, and another time when I thought to follow a Prevention recipe and substitute applesauce and banana for the oil and eggs. The first failure resulted in a flat chocolate-y mess. I don't recall what happened with the low fat batch but it must not have been good since I never tried it again.

I love regular chocolate brownies. No nuts, no frosting. I will tolerate nuts but will decline to eat a brownie with frosting. Frosting belongs on cake if at all. I also prefer the edges. I love the corners the best with their chewiness.

I don't know where of when I heard about this wonderful pan, Baker's Edge, but I bought it a right away. But then it sat a long time ago in my garage until today.

First I went looking for a recipe. You see, I am trying to eat healthy. Yes, I know brownies are not health food but I figured that using fresh ingredients would be better than a box. I got a recipe from Martha Stewart but then saw that it called for a 8x8 or 9x9 pan. The Baker's Edge pan is about 9x12. I checked the pamphlet that came with the pan and found a recipe. OK. Oh but I don't have enough unsweetened chocolate. OK, off to the store. And maybe I will get some walnuts since they are good for omega 3s and I can grind them up so you won't be able to tell they are in there.

What a production that was! I had to get out my Kitchen Aid mixer and my little food processor and learn to melt chocolate using a bowl over a simmering pot of water. And could I dirty anymore dishes and bowls? But finally, time to put the pan in the oven and let them bake. Oh the aroma!

We had lunch and then the brownies were done (I need to remember to get toothpicks.) and I tried to let them cool. I knew a girl in college named Tere. Her mother had told them that warm brownies caused diarrhea and they believed her. I told Tere the truth. Finally an hour later, I decided to try them.

I read about someone saying that you had to sacrifice the first brownie to get the rest out neatly. I remember trying to cut up regular brownies and always having a few less than pretty pieces but they tasted the same so it was no loss. I tried using the little nylon spatula that came with the pan, but it was too thick to get between the brownie and the side of the pan. I saw the Tupperware citrus peeler I used to test if the brownies were done. I used the flat side to separate the brownie from the pan and gently ease the brownie up.

Right away, I knew they would be good. I could see the ghiradelli semisweet chocolate chunks melted and oozing. I took a bite an fell in love. Believe the theory that eating chocolate releases the same chemicals as having sex does. I was a bit concerned because these brownies are thick and I thought they might be too cake like. Nothing to worry about. Just rich chocolate goodness. Not too rich but rich enough that one brownie is enough. At least it's been an hour and I am still satisfied.