greedy little goblins!

We have a love/hate relationship with Halloween. I love the candy, hate the costumes. Andy loves to dress up and go to people's homes, Ryan hates to be outside in the dark.

Before Andy was born, Gail said he didn't want to do the Halloween thing. I didn't say anything but it bothered me. He changed his mind once Andy was here. He thought it was fun to dress Andy up. When we moved down here, I didn't want to Halloween. Doesn't it seem hypocritical to tell our kids that on this one day it's OK to beg for candy from strangers? But Gail was sick so I got costumes for the boys. Andy was the Cat in the Hat and Ryan was Tiggr. Gail went to take the boys out and Ryan screamed but Andy was glad to go with his dad. Andy thought that he should be able to go into the homes and look around. He didn't care about the candy. We didn't know about the autism them.

Andy Gail died, we kept it low key. We stayed home to pass out candy. We never got many kids. Last year, I decided not to pass out candy. I put the bench in front of the door and the lights were out but kids still came and rang the bell. I was going to do the same thing this year but then changed my mind on Thursday since Publix had buy one get one free on candy. So I spent $20 and got over 11 pounds of candy. I set it on the porch with a note to leave some for others. It was gone in about an hour. Someone must have been pushing because the box was flipped and there were a few pieces on the ground smashed. Remind me not to give out candy next year.

Ryan had to do a book report on a biography. He chose Richard Nixon who happens to be his favorite president. (He was Gail's as well, I have no idea why.) Ryan had to give an oral report and had to dress up as Nixon. He also got to wear his costume in the Book Character Parade at school. He wouldn't look at me. Neither would Andy. I think I might just stay home next year.