junk drawer

It's really not a junk drawer. It's where I keep my washcloths and few odds & ends. But then...

You see, I liked having a cocktail after I got the kids to bed. It helped me relax. Sure, I could have done some deep breathing but the beverage tastes better. And this favorite beverage was having a contest where you could win prizes just but matching the number under the cap to one online. So I thought I would look at caps all together rather than doing it each day. And I kept adding to the pile.

I finally realized that I have never looked at one cap and don't even know if the contest is still running. One clue might have been to see that the newer bottles no longer had this message. But I hadn't purchased any in months. So the whole thing became ridiculous and I knew I needed to just throw them out. But I took this photo first just to share how ridiculous I can be.

The drawer is clean once again and contains washcloths, dish towels and only 3 of the medicine dispensers. Just in case.