The last time I worked on a jigsaw puzzle was 1994. I was given one of those 3D foam puzzles for Christmas a couple of months before and was putting it together while my dad watched the Espy Awards. It took me the evening and it was sort of fun.

I've always enjoyed putting together puzzles. I did it quite often at the cottage as there wasn't much else to do, no personal computers way back then. I preferred the puzzles by Colorbok. They were more expensive than the ones from the drugstore or Kmart. But the images were much better than the typical landscapes of covered bridges and wild horses. I remember the hot air balloons, the cheeseburger and the marbles.

For a while I tried keeping them together with the thought that one day I would frame them and hang them up. That never happened. And actually, who would want to look at a finished puzzle on the wall? Just get a poster! But what do you do with a puzzle once it's done? I know I have no desire to put it together again. In that case, they should have puzzles for rent. But who would count the pieces to make sure they are all there?

All this is leading to the puzzle I got Ryan for his birthday. I told him he had to wait until the weekend to put it together as it has 1000 pieces and won't be too easy. He never said anything so I asked him if he wanted to put it together today. Yes! I showed him how we start out getting the edge pieces. He tries to put them together and gets bored pretty quickly. I told him he could leave and come back if he is bored.

Two hours later, I have the frame almost complete. I cannot find 2 of the pieces. Ugh! But I am putting together the top and bottom parts where it is black and white only. No, I don't like going for the more difficult parts first but the rest of the puzzle is made up of photomosaics! And the print is so small I can barely make out which direction the piece goes in and not what is on the piece. This is a major pain in the ass puzzle.

When my nieces and nephews were Ryan's age, they enjoyed puzzles too. They liked the ones with no picture, just a solid color. Or better yet, the one with an image on both sides. I have never tried puzzles like those and after I get this puzzle of Ryan's done, I think it will be another 14 years before I try again.

Yes, I have to finish it.