summer sisters

Summer Sisters Summer Sisters by Judy Blume

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I like that Vix and Caitlin were born the same years as me, it was easy to relate to that. I didn't come from a rich family nor a struggling blue-collar family. But I could understand the feeling of trying so hard but not quite fitting in.

And looking at the 2 of them and their families, you see that nurture versus nature struggle. Vix, you didn't have the benefit of money becomes a responsible, caring adult. Though he sister gets pregnant at 17. Then we see Caitlin, who has every advantage but is selfish and irresponsible while her brother becomes a successful scientist.

But I still wonder how Vix could remain friends with Caitlin through the years. Perhaps she was used to not expecting anything in return.

I hated the sad ending and feeling of things not being settled.

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