game day

It's Saturday and for some reason, I don't like to do much work on Saturdays. Maybe it's from growing up and having to "clean a room" on Saturdays. I mostly remember having to clean the bathroom which means washing the tile floor on my hands and knees and so much hair on the floor! (Five kids and 2 adults in one bathroom with do that.) After working (hard) for 5 days, I wanted a day to relax but Saturdays always meant errands since the stores were closed on Sundays. Anyway Sundays was for church.

Nowadays, I do my errands and cleaning (?) during the week so I don't have to take the boys out anywhere. Ryan prefers to stay home during the weekend. I might do a little work on Saturday mornings but I prefer to relax and read or maybe work on some cards. I do laundry but that doesn't seem like a chore since there is so much time in between the folding and putting away.

Today, I put on my iTunes set to 4 and 5 stars, my favorite music. I read and played solitaire while listening and noticed that although I remembered the songs, I didn't always remember the singer or group. Oh I getting old and not playing my music enough. Artists from the 80s were remembered because I could remember the video and the title info from MTv.

Later I was looking for some sheets. Didn't I have 2 more fitted sheets? Or did I thrown them away after they ripped? See the boys would jump on my bed and they managed to pop a spring out of the mattress. I didn't notice it because it was in a corner away from where I slept. But it managed to rip sheets. I tried to bend the spring back but it was too stiff so I finally had to cover it with duct tape. Yes, it looks retard but you only see it when the sheets and mattress pad are off. And lately I have just been washing the same sheet and putting it back on. It's my favorite red plaid. I had 2 but I can't find the other one nor can I find the red striped fitted sheet. The flat sheets are there so I must have thrown away the fitted sheets. So now I down to one favorite red plaid, which is getting mighty thin but is oh so soft and one red striped that I am not too find of.

Anyway, I looked in a drawer and didn't find the sheets but did find my round dice. They work OK and are more fun that accurate. I gave them to Ryan as he seems interested in dice these days. Then I thought about this game table cabinet I bought years ago. Here is a similar one. It just sat for years because I didn't want the pieces to be swallowed or chewed. But seeing as Ryan is at the age that he likes to play games, I showed him what was in the draws. Funny, they never were curious about it before.

Ryan dusted it off and I asked him if he wanted to play a game. Hours later and we have to play all four games that we have, chinese checkers, tic tac toe (Why do they call it a cat's game when no one wins?), backgammon and checkers. I can't remember the last time I played those games and have to look up the directions especially for backgammon. I tried to be nice and let Ryan win but I have to much competitiveness in me. And I found that Ryan is ruthless when it comes to knowing my playing pieces out of play. The gloves came off.

Now I am tired and have a headache from his squealing and evil laughter. It's too late for a nap.